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Since 1976, Mt. Pisgah United Methodist Church and Pack 316 have provided quality Cub Scout programming to the youth of Greensboro.  We invite you to explore our website and hope you’ll join us soon!


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What is Cub Scouts?


First and foremost, Cub Scouts is fun!  The Cub Scout program recognizes the importance of fun in the learning process of youth.


Family involvement is vital to the development of our youth.  It doesn’t matter if a Cub Scout lives with both parents, a relative, or a foster family.  Adult partners are vital to providing support and leadership.


Cub Scouts of each grade are separated into Dens of approximately 6-8 youth.  Each Den works together on age-appropriate activities to develop new skills and interests.  Belonging to a Den is an important part of the program and teaches youth vital social skills.


The Scout Oath, Scout Law, and the Cub Scout motto provide the basis for the ideals of Cub Scouts.  Youth will learn to become upstanding citizens who give back to their community in a meaningful way.

Cub Scout Pack 316

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