Since 1976, Pack 316 has been serving the youth of Greensboro.  Cub Scouting is a program designed to help youth become good citizens and a friend to the environment.  Youth will learn vital social skills and learn about their duty to their self and to others.  The Cub Scout program is purposefully designed to form the strong, moral, and ethical leaders of our future.

Boy Scouts of America

The mission of the Boy Scouts of America is to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law.


Cub Scouts is a family affair, especially since both boys and girls are welcome to Cub Scouts.  The leadership and encouragement of an adult partner is vital to the success of your Scout.


Aims and Methods

There are four aims of Scouting: citizenship, character, personal fitness, and leadership. 

The methods of Cub Scouting are: living the ideals, belonging to a den, advancement, family involvement, activities, serving the community, and the uniform.



Cub Scouts is about exploring the world around you.  Cub Scouts camp, fish, hike, fire rockets, conduct science experiments, and learn about the world aroung them.

Pack 316 Leadership

Steve Wagner

Committee Chair

Mr. Wagner serves as the Chair of the Pack Committee and is responsible for overall operation of the Pack.  He reports to our Chartered Organization Representative, who is chosen by the church.

Mr. Wagner began his Scouting career as a Tiger Scout (the Lion program didn’t exist then) and progressed into Boy Scouts to attain the rank of Life Scout, just below Eagle.  He is a member of the Order of the Arrow, which is a national organization of Scouts chosen by their Troops as exemplary Scouts.  

John Nicholson


Mr. Nicholson currently serves as the Cubmaster.  The Cubmaster serves as the master of ceremonies at Pack Meetings and works with the Den Leaders and Pack Committee to coordinate the efficient delivery of the Cub Scout Program.

Mr. Nicholson is an Eagle Scout and is a member of the Order of the Arrow.

Scott McLain

Assistant Cubmaster

Mr. McLain currently serves as the Assistant Cubmaster, who is responsible for assisting the Cubmaster and stepping in during their absence.  Mr. McLain also assists Den Leaders and other volunteers in delivering the Cub Scout Program.


Of course.  Below, we’ve compiled some of the most common questions we receive.  If you don’t see yours ear, or need more information, scroll to the bottom and send us a message!

The Basics

Where do you meet?

Pack 316 meets Tuesday evenings at Mt. Pisgah United Methodist Church from 6:30 to 7:30 PM.  All of our dens meet in one location and enter the church near the playground.  Mt. Pisgah is located at 2600 Pisgah Church Rd. in Greensboro.

Occasionally, there will be events and activities at other times, days, and locations.

How much does it cost?

Annual dues are currently $85 for Tiger Scouts and above.  The $33 BSA registration and $12 Boys’ Life Magazine subscription is included.

Annual dues for Lion Scouts (Kindergarten) are $50.  The Pack also provides the uniform t-shirt and handbook.

Is financial assistance offered?

Yes, in many ways.  The Pack will always offer scholarships to Scouts in need.  Further, there are two main fundraisers throughout the year that allow Scouts to earn funds for Scout-related needs, including dues.

Does my child have to wear a uniform?

Yes.  Wearing a uniform is one of the Methods of Scouting.  It allows youth to identify as a part of a group.  Additionally, the uniform serves as a wearable achievement board.  Scouts proudly display their awards and achievements on the uniform.  “Class A” uniforms are required for Pack Meetings (once a month).  We understand that uniform parts are expensive and require Scouts to wear their grade rank neckerchief, slide, blue or tan uniform shirt, pants and shoes.  While the entire “Official” uniform is strongly preferred, it isn’t required.  

Lion Scouts (Kindergarten) wear a t-shirt as their uniform.  This is provided by the Pack.

We also encourage older Scouts to donate gently used uniform items when they move into Boy Scouts.  We keep these in stock.  If your family is concerned about purchasing uniforms, contact a leader and we’ll help as best we can.

What's the difference between a Den Meeting and a Pack Meeting?

Each Den is a group of 6-8 Scouts who are in the same grade.  The Den Meeting is the primary delivery point for the Scouting program.  Den Meetings are held every Tuesday during the Scout year as noted above.

Pack Meetings are when the entire Pack gets together.  During Pack meetings, Scouts are awarded rank advancement or other awards.  Typically, there are organized activities for the Scouts while adults attend an informational meeting.  Pack Meetings will replace one Den Meeting each month.

Can girls join Cub Scouts?

Yes.  The Boy Scouts of America has allowed each individual Chartered Organization to determine whether or not they will support “Family Scouting”.  Family Scouting is the concept of allowing both genders to join.  Mt. Pisgah UMC has chosen to support Family Scouting.

There is a caveat.  BSA places a high value on the protection of our youth.  As such, certain guidelines have been put in place.  While the Pack will be co-ed, individual Dens will be comprised of one gender.  For female Dens, two leaders are required.  One of them must be female.  So, while we welcome youth of every gender, the availability of a Den will be determined by the supply of volunteers to lead them.

What is the time commitment?

Den Meetings are an hour and if you factor in roughly 15 minutes of travel / prep time on each end then there is a minimum of 90 minutes per week. Some projects / curriculum will require work at home but generally these are only an additional 30 minutes to an hour per week.

How long is the Cub Scouting year?

Den meetings start in September and run until formal graduation in late April. Standard holidays—Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring Break—are all observed. Additionally, we run our STEM program (NOVA) in May which is elective but highly attended. There are summer activities planned but all are optional. In all, there are about (18) den meetings, (6) pack meetings, (4) STEM NOVA sessions, and (2) to (3) special event meetings throughout the year.

Do parents need to attend Den Meetings?

For Lions (Kindergarten) and Tigers (First Grade), parents are required to stay for the full den meeting. For Wolves and beyond par-ents do not have to stay at the meeting, but we strongly encourage full participation. The Scouting experi-ence is made much better for everyone when there is active parent involvement. Scouting—especially Cub Scouting—is a family focused enterprise.


Who is with my children when I'm not there?

We take the protection of our youth very seriously.  Uniformed adult volunteers are required to submit to a background check annually.  Leaders are also required to complete BSA’s Youth Protection Training bi-annually.  This is extensive training on how to recognize warning signs and stop abuse before it happens.

Many of our leaders have gone through the Scouting program themselves.  Many are Eagle Scouts and have attained other achievements.  Our leaders come in all shapes and sizes and from every profession.  Pack 316 encourages its leaders to pursue additional educational opportunities offered by the BSA.

How can I help?

Cub Scout Packs are run entirely by volunteers.  We alway welcome more.  There are many ways to help, from being a Den Leader, to simply helping by serving food at a function.

The Pack is always in need of uniformed leaders.  Becoming a leader requires the completion of an application and submission to a background check.  The Pack covers the costs associated with this.  Additionally, the Pack offers reimbursement for uniform purchases.  Currently, uniform purchases will be reimbursed up to $50.

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